corporate-nutrition-therepistAround 131m work-days are lost to sickness each year – the equivalent of 4.5 days per working adult.

With many workers continuing to work when ill – unwittingly spreading their germs around the office – it stands to reason that prevention is better than cure!

So helping your team to access good nutritional advice could be a great way to bolster their health, reducing absences and increase energy and focus.

Staff retention has always been important, and providing a benefits package that includes well-being consultancy is an attractive proposition to many employees, who want to feel well, as well as valued!


A one hour workshop is an interactive and informative way to help staff members understand how food can make a difference to their health and well-being.

Popular subjects include maintaining energy at work, nutrition and stress management, boosting the immune system, as well as more general presentations covering weight management, detoxing and sports performance.

These sessions can be fun and engaging with an open forum for questions and discussions – guaranteed to bring a new sense of energy to the workplace!

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